Monday, September 15, 2003

I've lost my principles and am writing this from a Win2K box I had to install in order to get the software from the office working on my PC. I haven't even installed vi in it.
The age of the chulo

Lately I have been noting the emergence of a phase in life called "the age of the chulo". Like adolescence and old age, it seems to be a phase in life whose frontiers cannot be clearly defined, but that appears to happen in the early twenties. It is supposed to eventually fade out but there have been cases of people remaining in the chulo ages for years.

People suffering from this syndrom can experiment the following sympthoms:

  • The expression "Darle a lo que sea" becoms frequent in their speeches

  • Aguardiente and vallenatos are more likely to become the companions of a night out, than suicidal rock and Coca Cola

  • Suddenly 4AM is not so late, and a half a bottle is not so much

This phase is also known as "Perdición"

I have not seen a Colombian World Cup match since USA94 and I have to say I haven't missed much. Are we eternally condemned to a mediocre performance? Looks like the colombian Soccer team is like a snapshot of the country: Great talent, with poor team skills and unable to cope with either failure or sucess.