Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Año Nuevo, vida nueva

Last saturday I went to a wedding. It had been a long time since I last attended such an event. About 15 years, to be more accurate. It is the first time I see a friend of mine as one of the main parties involved in this wedding business. It got me thinking: How does one take such an step? How do you know?

As far as steps are concerned, I have taken some myself. Starting next week I'll be working with my current employer only half time, on a per hour basis and will start working towards the construction of my own chuzo on the other half of my time. Right now I am on the optimistic phase of the endeavour; it will mean a lot of work, but right now, from where I am standing it seems like the right choice, and the right step to take, at the right time. Only time will tell.

On other news, as a part of my new agreement, from next week on I am only "A man in a suit" when need arises, instead of "on a daily basis" as it was until know. Let's hope the increased amount of red blood cells that can now flow upwards, free from the knot of the tie help the creativity, that has been rather dull lately.