Sunday, October 12, 2003

Futbol, futbol futbol

The last time I played soccer I was in high school. People say that playing soccer is like riding a bike; you never forget once you've learned. The problem is when, like me, you never learned the first time. I played in this forty people matches, with three simultaneous games going on on the same field, so there wasn't a lot of ball handling involved. Seven years from that, I accepted, for the first time, to go to a soccer match.
I have to say I had a great time. I played as the palomero, whose mission was to wait deep behind the opponents field, and run around the ball.
I did not think I would be this tired afterwards. 36 hours after the match finished my legs have kept their decision to give me a long dose of pain every time I move them. I did not know that playing soccer hurts your (!!) shoulders. I hope that by tomorrow I will have recovered. And will definitively play again.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

A chuzo of my own?

It has always been my idea that, as a choice for a living, I would create a company of my own, a compny that build software, to be excat. Be it because of all that was said back in college or because of what I see around, this has been my idea for quite a while. I say it might be a school related illness because of Zarpa and Pepux Labs.

Upon graduation all wise old people around said: Young grasshopper: You should wait for a while, work a little, see what it's like, then you can go and start your own.

Being, as I was and still am, rather inexperienced on these matters, I followed their advice. But when is it a good time to jump ship and start? As one grows older the amount of responsabily increases. It is probably easier to jump ship now, being single and without children, than in the future, where the situation may change.

Anyways, the tought has been seriously crossing my mind lately. Perhaps I have a distorted view of what staring up is like, but as I see it, is the only way I conceive the future, at least in the long term. I don't know If I'll be able to say "yes, boss" when I'm 35, or when I'm 25 for that matter