Thursday, July 20, 2006

The restaurant business has a really big turnover, a lot o restaurats are created and fail relatively quickly. We went in and did some research on why this happens. Our findings reveal that there are four types of restaurants:
  • Those created by people who are good cooks, that have a great product (their food) but are not really good at service, and so have a lousy front desk

  • Those created by front desk people (waiter managers) that have a great service, but not really good food

  • Those created by amateurs, that think that because they are good at entertaining 6 people on a weekend it is obvious that they will be good at serving food for 200 every day of the week

  • Those created by managers who have no idea of cooking and no idea of service

As it turns out, the restaurants in the first three categories tend to fail a lot more than those on the last category.
Paul Reynolds, Academic Director, Higher Education, Le Cordon Bleu

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O sea que para hacer un buen restaurante no hay que saber cocinar, ni saber de servicio, ni entender como tener felices a los clientes. Simplemente hay que saber de negocios, para aprender como se contratan los mejores cocineros, como se contratan los mejores encargados de servicio y como se le da un mejor servicio al cliente. Y entonces?